Clients & Past Projects

Email Campaign Automation

Services: Google Sheets, Apps Script, Automated sheet generation, Email automation

Description: Developed script that generates a copy of a specific Sheets file, names it appropriately, files it into a specific folder, shares it with the recipient, and sends a custom email to the recipient with the click of a button.

The Strength Athlete

Services: Google Sheets, Apps Script, Sheets mobile, data import/export

Description: Developed a user friendly coach-athlete training interface in Google Sheets using Apps Script. The coach develops a training program and the athlete uses a mobile friendly Sheets workout tab to import date specific workout information and submit the workout results back to the coach.


Services: Google Forms, Apps Script, Email automation

Description: Created a tool to help network marketers enroll new clients as part of their team. Network managers simply share a link that allows people to sign up for their team and an email is sent to the manager upon a new client submitting a form with their information.